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Alternative and herbal cures for skin issues, such as rosacea.

Causes of Telangiectasias

telangiectasia-148BA5DC9AC25CBD457What causes small spider veins on your face? Particularly when they are in spider-like clusters, these tiny blood vessels (capillaries) are known as telangiectasias. There are multiple possible causes of telangiectasias.

The most common cause is repeated sun exposure. Most of us can’t (and dare I opine – SHOULDN’T) avoid this.

Other possible causes of spider veins on the face include:

  • Overconsumption of alcohol
  • Rosacea
  • Smoking
  • Prolonged use of topical steriods
  • Liver disease

The treatment for telangiectasias usually involve using a laser or some form of sound or electricity to deliver enough current to the inside of the capillary to make it collapse. The body then reabsorbs it and it is no longer visible on your face.

Dermatologists likely have more than one trick up their sleeves when it comes to getting rid of spider veins. At least one of the most common methods involves inserting the tip of a very small needle into the vein. The needle delivers the current that will make the spider vein collapse. Most often, a vein will only be treated once per session. If it does not collapse and disappear, you will have to return for re-treatments. Although this could be annoying and time consuming, your doctor is working in your best interests to err on the side of too little time/treatment, as overdoing it can cause scarring.

You may have to wait several weeks before being able to re-treat a telangiectasia (if it needs re-treating at all). One doctor using the Silhouette Dermalift Short Wave Diathermy machine, which delivers about 22-27 microamperes at a time, recommends waiting six weeks before attempting to re-treat a vein.

Your doctor should give you post-procedure care instructions. Some typical instructions you might receive could include:

  • After treatment, the treated area should not be washed with regular soap for 72 hours. Instead, you may be instructed to not wash the area or to use a gentle cleanser (dermatologists seem to love to recommend Cetaphil).
  • Do not scratch or stretch the area.
  • Avoid sun exposure on the area for two weeks.


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Causes of Blue Veins Visible Beneath the Skin

undertone_veinsIf you’ve noticed that blue veins are visible beneath your skin, there are several possible causes.

  1. Pregnancy. The hormone changes of pregnancy are blamed for making blue veins visible beneath the skin.
  2. Aging/losing collagen. The thinner the skin becomes, the easier it is to see the blue veins under the skin.
  3. Fibromyalgia. Some suspect that the blue veins visible beneath their skin is due to their fibromyalgia.
  4. Weight loss. Sometimes, weight gain stretches the skin, which would normally make blue veins more visible, except that excess fat may cover the veins somewhat. When the weight is lost, the skin may remain thinner.
  5. Behcet’s disease. This is rare.
  6. Sturge-Weber malformation.
  7. Obesity. Obesity puts extra pressure on vein walls, which can make them more visible in some people.

What Affects Blue Veins Being Visible Beneath the Surface?

  • Light skin color. Blue veins are easier to see through light skin, especially if it is thin.
  • Hydration levels.
  • Temperature.
  • Medications.
  • Stress levels.
  • Whether you are standing up or laying down. The veins typically show more when you are laying down.
  • Whether you are laughing. Blue veins tend to show more when you are laughing.

So, your choices for getting rid of those blue veins visible beneath your skin are…to stop laughing?! Hmm. There have to be some better options. How about:

  • For individual blue veins visible beneath the skin, a doctor may be able to remove them. Some veins can be injected with a solution that makes them collapse. After, the body absorbs them. This is usually done for varicose veins or other bulging veins.
  • There are cosmetic interventions, such as Botox or collagen injections, that may help hide blue veins.
  • As many of us know, regenerating collagen isn’t easy. Laser and low level light therapy treatments can sometimes help with this.
  • If you are overweight and this is the cause of your blue veins, losing weight would probably help get rid of them.
  • Be sure you are well-hydrated.
  • If your blue veins are not bulging, but simply visible, a temporary solution is to use self-tanner to darken your skin tone. This will make the veins less noticeable. Similarly, you could apply “leg makeup”. These sorts of products are often loaded with chemicals, though. Take care to research the ingredients of the products you’re using and make sure they contain nothing harmful.
  • Certain supplements are helpful for supporting collagen and overall skin health, such as collagen/gelatin and biotin. Vitamin C (both orally and topically) is also great for skin.



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